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Amateur this became another major east–west railroad.

Amateur To speed completion of the Kansas Pacific Railroad to Denver

construction started east from Denver in March 1870 to meet the railroad

coming west from Kansas city. The two crews met at a point called Comanche Crossing

, Kansas Territory, on August 15, 1870. Denver was now firmly on track to becoming

the largest city and the future capital of Colorado. The Kansas Pacific

Railroad linked with the Denver Pacific Railway via Denver to Cheyenne in 1870.

The original transcontinental railroad route did not pass through the two biggest cities

in the so-called Great American DesertDenver, Colorado, and Salt Lake City, Utah.

Feeder railroad lines were soon built to service these two and other cities and states along the route.

Modern-day Interstate 80 roughly follows the path of the railroad from Sacramento across modern day California

, Nevada, Wyoming and Nebraska, with a few exceptions. Most significantly, the two routes

are different between Wells, Nevada and Echo, Utah. In this area the freeway

passes along the south shore of the Great Salt Lake and passes through Salt Lake City

, cresting the Wasatch Mountains at Parley’s Summit. The railroad was

originally routed along the north shore, and later with the Lucin

Cutoff directly across the center of the Great Salt Lake, passing through the city of Ogden

 instead of Salt Lake City. The railroad crosses the Wasatch Mountains via a much gentler grade through Weber Canyon.

Most of the other deviations are in mountainous areas where interstate highways 

allow for grades up to six-percent grades, which allows them to go many

places the railroads had to go around, since their goal was to hold their

grades to less than two percent.

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