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Amateur Before the arrival of the Spanish, the area was inhabited

by the NisenanMaidu, and other indigenous peoples of California.

Spanish cavalryman Gabriel Moraga surveyed and named the Rio del Santísimo Sacramento 

(Sacramento River) in 1808, after the Blessed Sacrament,

referring to the Eucharist in the Catholic Church. In 1839, Juan Bautista

AlvaradoMexican governor of Alta California,

granted the responsibility of colonizing the Sacramento Valley to Swiss-born

Mexican citizen John Augustus Sutter, who subsequently

established Sutter’s Fort and the settlement at the Rancho Nueva

Helvetia. Following the American Conquest of California and the

1848 Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo, the waterfront developed by Sutter

began to be developed, and incorporated in 1850 as the City of Sacramento.

As a result of the California Gold Rush, Sacramento became a major

commercial center and distribution point for Northern California, serving

as the terminus for the Pony Express and the First Transcontinental

Railroad. wing to its status as a notable financia

Sacramento is the fastest-growing major city in California,[14] owing to its

status as a notable financial center on the West Coast and as a major

educational hub, home of California State University,

Sacramento and University of California, Davis

the California healthcare industry, as the seat of Sutter Health, the world-

renowned UC Davis Medical Center, and the UC Davis School of Medicine,

and notable tourist destination in California, as the site of the California

Museum, the Crocker Art Museum, the California State Railroad Museum,

the California Hall of Fame, the California State Capitol Museum, and

the Old Sacramento State Historic ParkSacramento International Airport,

located northwest of the city, is the city’s major airport. Sacramento is

known for its evolving contemporary culture, dubbed the most

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