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Amateur Theodore Judah was a fervent supporter of the central route railroad.

Amateur He lobbied vigorously in favor of the project and undertook the survey of

the route through the rugged Sierra Nevada, one of the chief obstacles of the project.

In 1852, Judah was chief engineer for the newly formed Sacramento Valley Railroad

the first railroad built west of the Mississippi River. Although the railroad

later went bankrupt once the easy placer gold deposits around Placerville,

California were depleted, Judah was convinced that a properly financed

railroad could pass from Sacramento through the Sierra Nevada mountains

to reach the Great Basin and hook up with rail lines coming from the East.[29]

In 1856, Judah wrote a 13,000-word proposal in support of a Pacific railroad

and distributed it to Cabinet secretaries, congressmen and other influential

people. In September 1859, Judah was chosen to be the accredited lobbyist

for the Pacific Railroad Convention, which indeed approved his plan to

survey, finance and engineer the road. Judah returned to Washington in

December 1859. He had a lobbying office in the United States Capitol,

received an audience with President James Buchanan,

and represented the Convention before Congress.[30]

Judah returned to California in 1860. He continued to search for a more

practical route through the Sierra suitable for a railroad.

In mid-1860, local miner Daniel Strong had surveyed a route over the Sierra

for a wagon toll road, which he realized would also suit a railroad. He

described his discovery in a letter to Judah. Together, they formed an

association to solicit subscriptions from local

merchants and businessmen to support their proposed railroad.[30]

Four northern California businessmen formed the Central Pacific

RailroadLeland Stanford, (1824–1893), President; Collis Potter Huntington,

(1821–1900), Vice President; Mark Hopkins, (1813–1878), Treasurer; Charles

Crocker, (1822–1888), Construction Supervisor. All became substantially

wealthy from their association with the railroad.

Date: August 3, 2020