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Amateur In June 1864, the Central Pacific

Amateur railroad entrepreneurs opened Dutch Flat and Donner Lake

Wagon Road (DFDLWR).[70] Costing about $300,000 and a years worth of

work, this toll road wagon route was opened over much of the route the

Central Pacific railroad (CPRR) would use over Donner Summit to carry

freight and passengers needed by the CPRR and to carry other cargo over

their toll road to and from the ever-advancing railhead and over the Sierra

to the gold and silver mining towns of Nevada. As the railroad advanced,

their freight rates with the combined rail and wagon shipments would

become much more competitive. The volume of the toll road freight traffic

to Nevada was estimated to be about $13,000,000 a year as the Comstock

Lode boomed, and getting even part of this freight traffic would help pay

for the railroad construction. When the railroad reached Reno, it had the

majority of all Nevada freight shipments, and the price of goods in Nevada

dropped significantly as the freight charges to Nevada dropped

significantly. The rail route over the Sierras followed the general route of

the Truckee branch of the California Trail, going east over Donner Pass and

down the rugged Truckee River valley.

The route over the Sierra had been plotted out by Judah in preliminary

surveys before his death in 1863. Judah’s deputy, Samuel S. Montague was

appointed as Central Pacific’s new Chief Engineer, with Lewis M. Clement as

Assistant Chief Engineer and Charles Cadwalader as second assistant.

To build the new railroad, detailed surveys had to be run that showed

where the cuts, fills, trestles, bridges and tunnels would have to be built.

Work that was identified as taking a long time was started as soon as its

projected track location could be ascertained and work crews, supplies and

road work equipment found to be sent ahead. Tunnels, trestles and bridges

were nearly all built this way. The spread-out nature of the work resulted

in the work being split into two divisions, with L.M. Clement taking the

upper division from Blue Cañon to Truckee and Cadwalader taking the

lower division from Truckee to the Nevada border. Other assistant

engineers were assigned to specific tasks such as building a bridge, tunnel

or trestle which was done by the workers under experienced supervisors.[38]

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