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Amateur per mile of completed track) to interested investors.

Amateur The Federal donation of right-of-way saved money and time as it did not

have to be purchased from others. The financial incentives and bonds

would hopefully cover most of the initial capital investment needed to build

the railroad. The bonds would be paid back by the sale of government-granted land

, as well as prospective passenger and freight income. Most of the engineers and surveyors who figured

out how and where to build the railroad on the Union Pacific were engineering college trained

. Many of Union Pacific engineers and surveyors were Union Army veterans (including two generals)

who had learned their railroad trade keeping the trains running and tracks maintained during the U.S.

Civil War. After securing the finances and selecting the engineering team, the next step

was to hire the key personnel and prospective supervisors. Nearly all key workers and supervisors

were hired because they had previous railroad on-the-job training, knew what

needed to be done and how to direct workers to get it done. After the key personnel were hired

, the semi-skilled jobs could be filled if there was available labor.

The engineering team’s main job was to tell the workers where to go, what

to do, how to do it, and provide the construction material they would need to get it done.

Date: August 3, 2020