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AmateurDominicana According to Natsuki Matsumoto

AmateurDominicana in Japan may have stemmed from as early as 1907. Known as Katsudō Shashin (活動写真, “Activity Photo”)

, from its depiction of a boy in a sailor suit drawing the characters for katsudō shashin, the film was first found in 2005.

It consists of fifty frames stencilled directly onto a strip of celluloid.[5][6] This claim has not been

verified though and predates the first known showing of animated films in Japan.

AmateurThe date and first film publicly displayed is another source of contention:

while no Japanese-produced animation is definitively known to date before 1917, the possibilit

y exists that other films entered Japan and that no known records have surfaced to prove a sho

wing superior to 1912.[1] Film titles have surfaced over the years, but none have been proven to p

redate this year. The first AmateurDominicana

st foreign animation is known to have been found in Japan in 1910, but it is not clear if the film was ever shown in a cinematógrafo or publicly displayed at all. Yasushi Watan

abe found a film known as Fushigi no Bōrudo (不思議のボールド, “Miracle Board”) in the records of the Yoshizawa Shōten (吉沢商店) company. The description matches James Blackton’s Humorous Phases of Funny Faces, though academic consensus on whether or not this is a true animated film is disputed.[1] According to Kyok

ko Yoshiyama, the first animated film called Nippāru no Henkei (ニッパールの変形, “Nippāru’s Transformation”) was shown in Japan at the Asakusa Teikokukan (浅草帝国館) in Tokyo sometime in 1911. Yoshiyama did not refer to the film as “animation” though.

Date: August 3, 2020