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Pacific Railroad Surveys were conducted from 1853 through 1855.

These included an extensive series of expeditions of the American West seeking possible routes.

A report on the explorations described alternative routes and

included an immense amount of information about the American West, covering

at least 400,000 sq mi (1,000,000 km2). It included the region’s natural

history and illustrations of reptiles, amphibians, birds, and mammals.[22]

The report failed however to include detailed topographic maps of potential

routes needed to estimate the feasibility, cost and select the best route. The

survey was detailed enough to determine that the best southern route lay

south of the Gila River boundary with Mexico in mostly vacant desert,

through the future territories of Arizona and New Mexico. This in part

motivated the United States to complete the Gadsden Purchase.[23]

In 1856 the Select Committee on the Pacific Railroad and Telegraph of the

US House of Representatives published a report

recommending support for a proposed Pacific railroad bill:

The necessity that now exists for constructing lines of railroad and

telegraphic communication between the Atlantic and Pacific coasts of

this continent is no longer a question for argument; it is conceded by

every one. In order to maintain our present position on the Pacific, w

e must have some more speedy and direct means of intercourse than is

at present afforded by the route through the possessions of a foreign power.[24]

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